“A Jedd is in bed and the bed of a Jedd is the softest of beds in the world it is said.”


Meet Jedd. It’s his ‘Gotcha Day’ today, otherwise known as his adoption day. It’s been 1 year since we brought this little furball into our lives and it has been 24/7 fun, mischief and fabulous bow ties ever since!

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As many people guess there is a literary background to his name too… 10/10 if you can guess the book from the image below!


We chose to adopt Jedd from the Cat Haven in Perth who do an amazing job rehoming lonely kitties every day, sometimes dozens a day! They took great care of him before he found his furever home with us. Jedd is now a big, healthy grown up boy but this time last year he was just a scrawny little ball of fluff. See the difference between the day we took him home in the photos (below, left) and his first trip to the vet (below, right)! Yes, that is a bandana from the vet that he seems to be pulling off as some sort of cape.

Jedd quickly turned into my little shadow around the house and he’s always ready to lend a paw as a great Artist’s Assistant when I’m working!

Occasionally he gets the name #jeddthejedi partly because my husband (named Han) is a massive Star Wars fan and wasn’t too sure about a furry addition to the family that didn’t bark. It didn’t take long for them to become besties though…

Dr Seuss’s ‘Sleep Book’, first published in 1962, was one of my very favourite books when I was a child (and still is now). It begins with an infectious yawn that is sure to start you yawning along with the story. There’s a reason that the first page warns, “This book is to be read in bed”! My mum and I loved reading it together just before falling asleep along with all the other Seussian creatures. If you don’t know this book, it is a must have for any children’s library. Or adult’s library, in fact! 

My favourite page and character in the book was of course, the Jedd. 

“A Jedd is in bed, and the bed of a Jedd is the softest of beds in the world, it is said. He makes is from pom poms he grows on his head. And he’s sleeping right now on the softest of fluff, completely exhausted from growing the stuff.” – Dr Seuss

©️Dr Seuss (‘The Sleep Book’ pages)

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